Very exciting time for TrainEngage!

Last six months we have been very busy by listening our customers in their needs and are ready to launch updated version of our TrainEngage service. Also we are strengthening our story telling with our new website and this blog. We want to help trainers and organizations in need to find information and benchmark stories about modern digital training. We believe that people deserve the possibility to be the best version of themselves by bringing top-notch trainers´ guidance to the context where people learn by doing! We want to challenge and develop traditional training with digital touch, but always remembering how and why people learn.

Next our mission is taking another big leap forward as we are expanding our operation from Europe also across the Atlantic to Latin America markets. With our last 12 months market research and evaluation we have also found true need and interest for digitizing training. With our local partnerships we have already started establishing a strong position to help companies and trainers digitalizing and gamifying learning.

As we are big fans of the Latin culture, the lucky one is our Sales Director Aleksi who moved his office to Mexico and is responsible for our new Americas operation and has started building our Americas sales, marketing and customer success team. Stay tuned for our blog and social media posts both in English and Spanish.

Also check out our new video: We are TrainEngage!

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, go ahead and leave a comment, because we love to chat!

Here is picture of our new office that is in need of inspirational people in Hermosillo!

For more information check the OUR TEAM page and you can alway email Aleksi.

TrainEngage Hermosillo

TrainEngage MX office with Aleksi