Onboarding your new employees is an area that you can do in so many ways.

Some ways of onboarding are effective and some are not. Most of the bigger organizations might train their new employees for several weeks by giving them lectures and flying people here and there. There is nothing wrong with that if it works and is worth both the money and the time.

In any case, your new employees need to be up to date on what is happening in the company and well trained for their position. The bottom line is that you need to invest in the people that you have hired.

Let’s dive in a little deeper in the world of a growth company or start-up. When you need to grow fast, you also need to do the onboarding really efficiently, and most of all, prepare your new employees for the crazy ride with your business.

Lesson #1: Be transparent in the recruitment process! This way your newcomers know what to expect from your onboarding process and they will be mentally prepared.

Lesson #2: Get them up and running from day one by providing them with something to learn even before employment.

On-boarding at Smarp

When we go one step deeper to a totally new business like Smarp, you need to be extra efficient with your onboarding. We are pioneers in the field of Employee Advocacy / communication SaaS business. We have created a totally new software product on a fresh concept called Employee Advocacy. This means that basically no one is a professional in that field when they start with us. At the same time, we need to do an introduction to our business and concept but also to the role the person will take. And that is not all… The person might assume a role that has previously never existed in the company. These kinds of circumstances give a good perspective on why you need to have a functional onboarding in a company like Smarp!

Lesson #3: Adjust your on-boarding to really fit your business and positions.

We have taken a really efficient approach to our onboarding program at Smarp. As a high growth start-up it is very important to us that new people get their hands dirty right away, while making sure that they know our business well enough to execute correctly. Onboarding is highly dependent on the team the new person will join, but the general introduction comes from HR and management. What we also highlight already in the recruitment process is that newcomers should be self-starters and proactively ask questions.

Smarp Onboarding on TrainEngage

Smarp uses TrainEngage to create structure and speed up the onboarding process.

We have implemented an onboarding software called TrainEngage to create some structure, and to speed up and ease the process also to our smaller offices in Stockholm, London and New York (our HQ is in Helsinki). Through the software we can feed onboarding tasks and content to our new Smarpers already before they officially start and during the first couple of weeks. We have a similar structure for everyone in the company through initial material for getting to know our business, strategy, mission and vision. We also encourage everyone to participate in sales meetings and to get in touch with different functions through the initial course. This way they get a full perspective of our operations during the first weeks.

Lesson #4: Hands dirty quickly and feed the general information in similar way to everyone. This will create the same understanding of the business for all newcomers.

Lesson #5: Use online onboarding method to guarantee the same experience to all possible locations.

Humanizing the Onboarding Process

Time is money as they say! The online process helps us to save some valuable time when it comes to general onboarding material like tools, documents and an introduction to our business. But of course, we want to keep the human touch in onboarding, and we have some joint sessions with HR and management face to face with the new Smarpers. The learnings from these kind of sessions can be collected to TrainEngage, where you can keep track of where your newcomers are going with the onboarding process. At the same time, we introduce the new people to their team and assign a buddy for them to teach about the position and practicalities. This remains a coaching relationship with hands-on learning and doing!

Lesson #6: Keep the human touch in your onboarding and follow the process & learning through the software. This way you make sure everything gets done.

The next step for us is to create more function-specific training content to help out with onboarding in certain areas. On top of that, we will do ongoing training and competitions to familiarize TrainEngage especially for our sales.

Mikko Koskinen

Mikko Koskinen
HR & Recruitment Manager


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