A year later and we have taken steps we were only dreaming on last time we attended Slush 2015. So this year’s Slush in Helsinki we are excited to reveal to you the future of enterprise learning!  Come and join us!

What’s in it for me?

Did you know people learn 70 % by doing, 20 % from mentors and only 10 % while “educated”? This is causing major challenges in enterprise learning today. You might be wondering how could your company help onboard or train your employees more effectively. Maybe you are a software company looking for a solution to engage your customers. Or maybe your partners could benefit from new ways of enterprise learning.

In any of this cases TrainEngage can be a solution for you problems! Be sure to visit us at Slush on Thursday, December 1st at the booth A32. We will show you, how you can train your people 3 times faster and engage them with your business goals like never before!

In the end, we are always eager to meet inspirational people and fellow startup colleagues. Most of all, we love to hear about new disrupting ideas you can share with us. See you soon!