As I look out of the airplane for the last rays of Lisbon sun, I feel tired, but happy. Behind me, there is now a week long stretch of meeting people, making connections and pitching our solution to tens or even hundreds of people.

Earlier this summer, when WebSummit called out for the most disruptive startups to take part to their Alpha track, we took up the challenge to come public with our new solution before November. After some very successful pilots, just two weeks before the summit, we launched TrainEngage Embed. A solution that is to change the way enterprises engage employees to new ways of working.

TrainEngage Embed received instant interest among our customers as well as partners. We promise faster user adoption and engagement to enterprise chance process with dramatically lower cost compared traditional enterprise learning. Something that is crucial for most of the organizations at the time of digital disruption.

It was truly inspiring to see traction towards our solution expand beyond the boundaries of Finland. We had encouraging talks with organizations from small technology startups to recognized SaaS-solution providers and from enterprise development directors to global leaders of digitalization consultancy. And that is exactly what we were there for. We wanted to find potential international customers, but especially partners who can take advantage of our technology to support their business in terms of user adaption and engagement – whether it is onboarding to a SaaS-solution, scaling up current consultancy practice, or making effective change management program of scale.

As I turn my thoughts from warm Lisbon towards snowbanks of Finland, I realize that this year’s Slush is not to be as slushy as often. Nevertheless, we will be there with the same energy to discuss more with partners, customers, and investors.

I want to thank everyone in Lisbon who shared an analogue moment in our digitalized world. I truly hope that you all enjoyed our brand candy. We are here for some more!

JP Wirta, Head of Business Development