Who right minded person would come to this remote and forgotten country at the most depressing time of the year? The ones that want to grow their business with the latest technology innovations. The unique atmosphere of Slush became evident already at the entrance gates of the Finnish startup seminar and continued throughout the event.

Although, the actual event lasted only 2 days, due to all the side-events, Helsinki turned into a giant ball of startups and tech talk for a week. All together more than 17 000 people including world class startups, investors and enterprises came together in search of creating a better, digital world.

For TrainEngage, Slush offered great location to meet the future customers and partners as well as have a moment with current ones. Again, the unique real-time-learning approach for enterprise training gained a lot of traction. Companies starting from small SaaS-solution providers to global market leaders of consultation literally jammed the booth.

Our two-person-crew had to skip the lunch, but unfortunately not even that was enough to find time to take part to all interesting talks. But hey, we are here to continue discussion online as well as in person.


Our special Slush offer of free pilot for December, will keep us busy for the rest of the year – and that suites us well. Although, at the event only slushy thing was the signature drink, we know that for the rest of the year, days are only getting shorter. Therefore, it is great time of a year to find happiness in serving our new customers and partners.

We can’t wait for the spring season to arrive. The promise of brightened summer comes along with the longer days. And we, we get to reveal all exiting news that is written at this very moment.

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