Learning happens nowadays more and more in context, as you are expected to learn new skills and acquire knowledge while you’re working. This means that the needs for training in an organization may be repetitive or ad-hoc by nature, and creating training content has to be fast and easy. A few improvements we’ve implemented in TrainEngage during the last couple of months are designed to help you with this content creation challenge.

Let’s take an example. You are training your employees to use a new software tool and it happens that the user interface is not totally self-explanatory. You need to act fast and provide your employees more background information and instructions; it’s not worth the time and money to ask assistance from your vendor. Next you find few tips how you can train your employees faster and more effective.

Embed Tips and Walkthroughs to SharePoint

Having trouble understanding what’s relevant in your SharePoint intranet? With TrainEngage Embed, it’s super-easy to add new hotspots on SharePoint to help other users to understand how does some of the functionality work.

For example, we’ve embedded a Twitter feed to our intranet to share knowledge and posts from our employees. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, you might wonder, what is the significance of this or how can I get my own tweets visible here.

TrainEngage Embed can help. Just switch the hotspot recording on, right-click on the element you want the new hotspot to appear on and a four-step-dialogue will appear. It takes only a minute to add a new training content block to SharePoint and share it with all site users.

Embed Ready-made Training Programs to Software

In addition, you can embed ready-made training programs to your software employees use in their daily work. For instance, new employees start at your company and you want them to adapt to your working culture as soon as possible and be productive. Here’s an idea: embed your training program to an intranet site where the newcomer goes first thing when she opens her laptop! She might even start the training before you’ve signed the contract – this way you can ensure she’ll be engaged and enthusiastic when it’s her first day at the office. For instance, Smarp has created a thorough onboarding program like this.

Or you might want to get people to share a few key takings every week with their colleagues. One of our partners aims to

  • create positive spirit among the whole company by sharing thanks to everyone who has helped someone to accomplish their tasks on every week,
  • ask for help from colleagues if customer promises or satisfaction is endangered because of limited resources or knowledge,
  • plan work week beforehand and
  •  share company stories on social media.

This all is done simply by embedding a continuous training program to their intranet, which can be accessed also with mobile devices.