TrainEngage Embed allows anyone with the proper rights to add new instructional hotspots on SharePoint to help and guide users. For instance, we’ve used this in our own intranet, where we have embedded Cloudriven’s Twitter feed. Whenever we recruit new employees, they might not know in advance what the significance of the feed is and how they can get their own tweets visible in the intranet.

Just by switching the TrainEngage Embed hotspot recording on and right-clicking the element where you want to add new instructions, a four-step-dialogue will appear. It only takes a minute to add new training content blocks to SharePoint and share it with all site users.

TrainEngage Embed & SharePoint

It’s really easy to add new instructional hotspots to SharePoint with TrainEngage Embed.

In many online trainings, it is essential that the flow of the training is bound to a certain timeframe. For example, we’ve learned that a wellness training program scheduled to start right after Christmas usually sells more than an “evergreen” program which can be bought anytime; good timing is good marketing, as it creates time pressure for purchases.

Whenever you’re creating a new training program, you might want to use some – or all – of the content from your existing programs. To be able to scale your online training business, it is essential that the time investment made for your first online training is not needed fully for the second one. Therefore, we’ve published a copy feature that allows you to duplicate one of your existing TrainEngage programs; you can add new and update existing content before the training starts.

Adding and modifying content should be as easy as it can be. Trainers have better things to do than trying to figure out, what does this and that button do. That’s why we’ve created the step-by-step wizard to create new training programs. It’s visual and super easy.

Let me guess, you have a large number of ready-made trainings available in the SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) format? Don’t you worry! TrainEngage has a native support for SCORM and you can import and export modules easily. Especially our globally operating enterprise customers find this feature really handy.

Slow Internet connection may affect people’s motivation to use digital tools. We live in a mobile world and people tend to travel to places where Internet connections are not that good as in developed cities.

Streaming Media

Video streaming makes it easier to watch training videos even with slow Internet connection speeds.

Rich media, like video, is a brilliant way to deliver your message, but only if the video doesn’t cut in and out every 10 seconds. TrainEngage supports online video streaming, which automatically recognizes the resolution most suitable for your current connection speed. It’s also possible to download the entire video file.