When it comes to certain topics, people need to take more holistic approach to their own development. First you need to evaluate your starting point and then select appropriate courses based on feedback, which machine intelligence can accurately provide in our digital world. Our team has been working hard to create features to combine our unique context-related learning bites to holistic development approach.

For example, the Finnish “Digitreenari” (Digital Trainer) project has developed a tool for high school students, which they can use to 1) evaluate their current skills and 2) develop the skills they need. Digitreenari has strong bias towards internal and external entrepreneurship skills, which makes us even more proud of the project.

TrainEngage combines all relevant content to training channels for both high school students and for teachers. Depending on their role, they see a bit different things.


Teacher’s Digitreenari homepage aggregates all available channels.


Student’s Digitreenari homepage aggregates all necessary training content and guides to start with evaluations.

And when students actually do the self-evaluation, they will get feedback based on machine intelligence:



The feedback guides the students to choose from various training tasks. For example, self-confidence is a trait that successful entrepreneurs seem to have. So if the self-evaluation tells that one might need training related to this area, students have the possibility to start practicing things that develop their self-confidence.

Reward people for their commitment to learn more

TrainEngage offers multiple options for rewarding people to learn more and to continue trainings.

From the trainer’s perspective, it would be very beneficial that during a wellness training the trainees, who actually exercise and follow the diet, would give feedback about the program, so it can be developed further. As it is somewhat of an effort for the participant to give detailed feedback about their goals, results and personal opinions, they need a little motivation boost to do that.

One of our partners, Sweatband Training, is using the TrainEngage Point Store really wisely. They have created several rewards that can be bought if the training participant gives feedback. And the rewards help these participants to achieve results both during the training program (eg. stretching instructions) or after it (gym training program for free).



Besides the likes, comments and leaderboards, TrainEngage now also allows you to give instant feedback based on participant’s answers and to automatically create certificates that the participants can download and print to their office walls or share in social media. Based on our experience with multiple different cultures and customers, the factors that affect people are pretty much generic, but the ways to use them change a lot depending on the people and use case. That’s why these reward features are fully configurable per course or even per task.


Are you wondering how could you and your organization benefit from digital and rewarding training? We are eager to help you!

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