Our public sector customer Energy Authority Finland implemented a new digital signing process to handle all signatures electronically to save time and administration costs. With the help of TrainEngage Energy Authority was able to add on-screen manuals to introduce and train the new process for employees.

With the help of TrainEngage, we speed up user adoption and user acceptance for the new business process. With the help of TrainEngage  the adoption of the new digital signing process was a huge success states, Jukka Moisanen, CIO of Energy Authority

Moisanen estimates that these small changes have already saved the organization’s working time by one man-year: “The process has been simplified, and the entries no longer need to be verified separately because the instructions embedded in the user interface will guide the user to enter the correct information on the form”.

TrainEngage works exactly like it’s supposed to. With the help of TrainEngage we had no difficulties introducing the new process to our employees. We are now planning to extend TrainEngage to the whole Intranet to finally get our users to fully adopt to collaboration and project sites as well.

Jukka Moisanen CIO of Energy Authority