Save 90% of the Enterprise Learning Costs

Take enterprise training to the new level by training people when they work. That’s when people learn most. Save by cutting down travel expenses, cost of absences and classroom rents.

Repeat training when people work and make learning to stick. Solve the engagement crisis before it hits with its full force.


For enterprise

Enjoy learning results up to three times faster with 90 % smaller costs. Engage employees and gain 21 % increase in productivity.

For trainer

Scale training effects and use your knowledge wisely. Train, guide and give feedback when people need it.

For learner

Stop wasting your time and get instructions when you need them. Make your learning journey more rewarding than ever.

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How does TrainEngage work?


Embed TrainEngage layer to any HTML based application and let people learn software when they use it. Start onboarding when people get interested and train to turn interest into action. Build training channels for those who want to know more than basics.   


Use recurring training tasks to maintain focus on important topics. Let people re-activate training hotspots in software they use. Build training layers based on skill level and repeat the most important bits and pieces from previous layers. Use notifications to inform about new training content.


Make people to reflect training content to unlock next module. Use different question types from simple check in the box tasks to surveys and get people both to think and try in practice. Improve training content based on the feedback. Create exams and grant certificates.


Engage and motivate people by taking advantage of point store with virtual currency, rankings, training certificates, verbal feedback and likes. Let people know that their efforts are important. Use game mechanics to help people to find their passion.

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What our customers say

TrainEngage works exactly like it’s supposed to. With the help of TrainEngage we had no difficulties introducing the new process to our employees. We are now planning to extend TrainEngage to the whole Intranet to finally get our users to fully adopt to collaboration and project sites as well.

Jukka Moisanen CIO of Energy Authority Finland

TrainEngage Embed is fantastic! Its simplicity to use and setting up, helped me to get TrainEngage Embed into use within less than one day. We do not only receive less support tickets but also have very happy end customers of our rather complex management system. We definitely are aiming to expand the use of TrainEngage within our department!

René de Senarclens Senior Project Manager Social Department City of Zurich


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